The Snyderphonics JD-1 Custom Keyboard/Sequencer was recently shipped to the person who commissioned it. I'm planning to do a small edition of 10 of them, financed through Kickstarter. You can read the manual for the prototype model (with some features not yet implemented) here.

JD-1: Testing Functionality from Jeff Snyder on Vimeo.

2nd Edition Mantas are still available! You can purchase one on the "order" page.


Join the Manta Users Google Group.


Spencer Russell has been writing a fantastic open source library for the Manta. If you are a programmer and have an idea for some Manta software, this API will make it much simpler to talk to the Manta. The project also includes a new PD/Max flext object and a MIDI routing application by Christopher Jacoby (both in beta).

Here's an updated link to the project:



I am working hard on the MantaMate, a device that will allow Manta users to perform without a computer, and to directly control analog synthesizers. It will also be a powerful general-purpose converter between USB devices, MIDI devices, OSC over ethernet, and control voltage (supporting several voltage standards from Eurorack to Buchla to Moog to Serge to Korg). It even has a built-in digital synthesizer, so that it's possible to perform with only the Manta and a MantaMate. I don't have a set date for release right now, but stay tuned!


Recent press: CDM Nov23, CDM Nov22, Engadget


This video has some nice Manta shots.


Another cool Manta video from Bar|None!


A cool Manta video from the Copenhagen Noise Lab.


The Max for Live patch by Damon Holzborn has been released, and is available here: http://www.damonholzborn.com/projects/

Also, there are new videos of the example patches up on Vimeo:

2nd edition Manta - using the "light show" example patch.

And here is a video of Christopher Jon performing on the Manta in the band Android Lust on their recent tour:

Using the Snyderphonics Manta on the Android Lust Animalia Tour


May 2010 :

The 2nd edition Manta is now available!

Changes from the first edition Manta include the following:

** the LEDs are now bi-color (amber/red). The red LEDs can be controlled from the computer, in the default (locally-controlled) mode, only the amber LEDs are active.

** there are now inset rubber feet on the bottom of the Manta.


February 2010 :

The first edition of the Manta is SOLD OUT.

October, 2009 :

The Manta just received a nice review from Future
Music Magazine
. They also ran an interview with Jeff Snyder in the previous issue. Computer Music Magazine also just did a review, and gave the manta both the "Computer Music Innovation Award" and the "Computer Music Performance Award".

To celebrate the success of the Manta, I produced two special edition Northwoods Wildlife Pyrography Mantas, which feature a laser-engraved white-tailed deer image on the back instead of the manta logo. Very classy!

May, 2009 : The Manta is a touch-sensitive controller for audio and video with a hexagonal layout and programmable LED feedback.  The Manta has been released, as of May 4th, 2009. The first production run is a limited edition of 50, at $675 each.

You order one on the order page.

You can read the specs for the Manta on the products page.

You can download the software required to use the Manta (and post your own patches) in the forums.

You can also contract me for custom electronic instrument design, and view some past custom projects on the custom shop page.