The Company

Snyderphonics builds innovative, high-quality performance instruments for musicians. Our flagship instrument, the Manta, is a unique touch-sensitive interface for music and video control, and, as noted by MusFormation, it "looks pretty bad ass."

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Meet the Team

Jeff Snyder: owner, lead designer

Jeff Snyder (b.1978) is a composer, improviser and instrument-designer living in Princeton, New Jersey, and active in the New York City area.

As founder and lead designer of Snyderphonics, Jeff designs and builds unusual electronic musical instruments. His creations include the Manta, which is played by over 150 musicians around the world; the JD-1 Keyboard/Sequencer, which was commissioned as a specialty controller for Buchla synthesizers; and the custom analog modular synthesizer on which he regularly performs. Jeff is a member of experimental electronic duo exclusiveOr, avant jazz group The Federico Ughi Quartet , improvisatory noise trio The Mizries, and laptop ensemble Sideband. He fronts the band Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves as his electro-country alter-ego, Owen Lake. He also composes alternate-reality Early Music for an ensemble of his invented instruments. In 2009, Jeff co-founded an experimental music record label, Carrier Records , which continues to release strange and exciting experimental music. In 2011, he received a doctorate with distinction in Music Composition from Columbia University. He currently is the Director of Electronic Music at Princeton University, and the Director of PLOrk, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra.

Mike Mulshine: researcher, summer 2014-present
Mike graduated from Princeton University in 2016 with a degree in Music and certificates in Musical Performance (via Electronic Media) and Applications of Computing. Mike is the assistant director of PLOrk. He is most interested in composing and creating/exploring new musical instruments and interfaces. In his free time, he does a lot of yoga, runs, and cooks unusual, though very plain and healthy, food. Check out his music at

Josh Becker: researcher, fall 2016-present
Josh Becker is a Computer Science major at Princeton University, and avid synthesizer maniac. He is well known in the music community for his discovery that distortion = pot of gold. Check out his music at

Chloe Song: intern, summer 2015
Chloe is an electrical engineering major at Princeton University, Class of 2017. She grew up playing instruments and has played flute for 9 years and piano for 10. During the school year she is on the Quadcopter team for the Robotics Club and she is an officer for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club. In her free time she enjoys drawing and maintains a small art blog.

Elaine Chou: intern, summer 2015
Elaine was Class of 2016 in the department of electrical engineering at Princeton University concentrating in signal and image processing. On campus, she was a member of Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering for two years and is vice president of the club taekwondo team. She practiced the violin briefly and enjoys playing video game and anime music on the piano. She is currently working towards a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Gene Kogan:
Gene Kogan is an artist and programmer based in New York. He integrates emerging technologies into performing contexts including live music, dance, and theatre. He is a contributor to OpenFrameworks, Processing, p5.js, and other free and open-source creative software tools. Gene was a Fulbright scholar in India in 2012-13, an Eyebeam resident in 2015, and has exhibited works and given workshops and lectures in the U.S., India, Singapore, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. He is currently living in Berlin.

Harry Lee-Rubin: intern, summer 2015
Harry is currently studying at Harvard University. He is a composer and programmer - check out his music here:

Reid Oda: CS graduate research assistans, summer 2015
Reid is a 5th year Ph.D. student in the Princeton Sound Lab. His research focuses on new ways to play and compose music via the Internet. He holds a B.A. in cognitive science (with a focus on HCI) from UC San Diego. Reid loves old synthesizers and most forms of synth music, especially 90s dance and synthpop.

Spencer Russel:
Spencer Russell is an artist and engineer who has sound-designed sold-out theater performances in New York, done a marathon trans-Atlantic tour as a double-bassist, and ran a software and hardware development team that deployed multi-thousand unit building automation systems. He is currently working and studying at the MIT Media Lab, where his research interests range from large-scale wireless mesh networks and sensor infrastructure to audio spatialization and augmented musical performance systems. Spencer holds a BA from Oberlin College and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

Yicheng Sun: intern, summer 2014
Yicheng, Class of 2017, studies electrical engineering, robotics, and interaction design. He is an avid maker/hacker and seeks creative audiovisual applications of code and hardware. He is a freelance photographer and heads the photography department of The Daily Princetonian. Sometimes, he dabbles in art and long distance running. Yicheng used to play the clarinet, but the only woodwind he touches nowadays are electronic.

Arugula: dog
Arugula likes her bone, rolling in things that smell bad, eating banana strings, and swimming in the ocean.


Many of these internships have been supported by generous grants from the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education and the Council for Science and Technology at Princeton University.